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ONELIFE #37 – English

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Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond. For this issue of Onelife we visited Maneybhanjang in the Indian Himalaya, where Land Rover Series Is and IIs rule the roost, we followed the north star to the Land Rover Ice Academy in Arjeplog, Sweden, which offers thrilling ice driving action and bring you the story of outdoorsman Monty Halls and his family who are out with a Discovery for a scenic escape in Ireland.



ARCTIC ADVENTURE Left: Lars Hoffmann and Malin Strid. Below: Get a unique perspective on Arjeplog, from the back of a dog sled “ ARJEPLOG IS A PINE-COVERED WILDERNESS AT THE EDGE OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE” At 3pm, the sun is already low in the pale blue winter sky above Arjeplog in Swedish Lapland. Snow crunches underfoot on the walk down to Lake Sälla. Despite multiple thermal layers, the -30 °C cold almost takes the breath away a startling yet strangely invigorating feeling. Standing by the edge of the frozen lake are Lars Hoffmann and Malin Strid, harnessing 10 of their Alaskan huskies to a 2.5-metre sled. Tails wagging, some of the dogs bark excitedly; this is what they were born to do and it’s almost time to go. As we settle under a thick woollen blanket on the front of the sled, Malin takes her place standing at the rear. With one loud command, the dogs fall quiet, race forward and we accelerate away. Silence envelops us as the sled heads deeper into the powder-covered pine trees along the lake, punctuated only by the gentle whoosh of the wooden runners across the snow. We sit back and enjoy the ride, savouring the picture-perfect winter scene. This is a very different side to Arjeplog. The majority of visitors to this small town, located in the sparsely populated, pine-covered wilderness of northern Sweden at the edge of the Arctic Circle, spend most of their time in the driver’s seat. In the winter, ice more than a metre thick covers the region’s many lakes, making it ideal for Land Rover’s extreme cold-weather testing regimen, as well as for driving enthusiasts looking to test or expand their skills. 63