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ONELIFE #37 – English

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Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond. For this issue of Onelife we visited Maneybhanjang in the Indian Himalaya, where Land Rover Series Is and IIs rule the roost, we followed the north star to the Land Rover Ice Academy in Arjeplog, Sweden, which offers thrilling ice driving action and bring you the story of outdoorsman Monty Halls and his family who are out with a Discovery for a scenic escape in Ireland.



TOY STORY Size clearly doesn‘t matter when it comes to the capability of a Land Rover, even a remote-controlled one. Based on the Defender 110, these rugged 1:10 models do almost everything a real Defender can do. Featuring cruise control, locking differential, a high- and low-range gearbox and ‘crawler mode’, the remote-controlled Defenders took on the jungle-themed modular track with aplomb, negotiating muddy climbs, slippery log bridges and technical descents, all the while cheerfully absorbing plenty of impacts thanks to their child-sized operators. And psst, they were a big hit with the adults, too. MILLER AGED 6 “ THIS IS SO COOL!” More than a million people have experienced the Above and Beyond Tour at various events around the world this year, many of them young children who will doubtless remember their thrilling day long into the future. For them this hasn’t just been a 4x4 experience, it’s been a Land Rover experience. For six-year-old Miller Delaney it’s been nearly too much excitement for one day. Having been on the obstacle tour (twice) and driven the Huey Kids cars, he’s now totally enthralled with a remote-controlled Landie, sending it bouncing sideways over a muddy berm on the jungle track. So, has he had a good time today at Windsor? He looks up from the handset for just enough time to flash me an encouraging ear-to-ear grin. And what about the horses? Did he like them? Little Miller looks up again. “What horses?” he asks. Welcome to the wonderful world of Land Rover, young man. FIND OUT MORE To book your own Experience, visit 47