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ONELIFE #37 – English

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Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond. For this issue of Onelife we visited Maneybhanjang in the Indian Himalaya, where Land Rover Series Is and IIs rule the roost, we followed the north star to the Land Rover Ice Academy in Arjeplog, Sweden, which offers thrilling ice driving action and bring you the story of outdoorsman Monty Halls and his family who are out with a Discovery for a scenic escape in Ireland.


XXXXXXX LEFT UP! A three-part ‘obstacle course‘ is the star of the show. The first, the Twin Terrapod, is an awesome custom-built machine that looks like something out of Jurassic Park if Jurassic Park featured Meccano monsters instead of dinosaurs. The job of this huge steel structure is to test a Land Rover’s ability to climb up and over steep gradients, and, today, to make children squeal. Our Discovery navigates the formidable 30-degree incline, the car’s All-Terrain Progress Control function managing the power going through each wheel to maintain a secure, steady speed across the obstacle surface. ANNABEL AGED 10 “IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! THE FIRST SECTION WAS THE SCARIEST BY FAR!” With a forward view of nothing but sky, our passengers, eight-year-old Haiden and eleven-year-old Augustus Wrenn, are beside themselves with excitement. “How is the car holding us up?” Augustus screeches. “It’s shocking!” Before we know it we’re at the top, our Land Rover Experience instructor balancing the car on the throttle 5.7 metres above the ground, the height of a fully-grown giraffe. The view down is a 40-degree slope as steep as the stairs in a two-storey house. More excited screeching ensues from the back seats as the descent begins; our driver keeps his feet clear of the brakes and the Discovery‘s Hill Descent Control function automatically slows our descent on the slippery metal surface. On the Turntable Terrain Trailer the climb is followed by the car being set onto a vertiginous platform which then tilts itself through 180° before dropping the Discovery down to ground level where it articulates itself off the trailer, wheels akimbo, and onto terra firma. The demonstration is a reminder of just how supremely capable the Discovery is. The final section, the Articulation Trailer, has two large staggered ramps to test the Discovery’s talents for conquering difficult approach angles. Twelve-year-old Hugo Allison- Vallois emerges visibly shaking. “It was so exciting! It was so steep it felt like I was taking off!” Was he impressed with the car? “I definitely want a Land Rover when I’m older,” he states firmly. But which one? As well as the Discovery there are two Range Rovers and a Range Rover Sport on duty here today. “Oh, all of them!” he laughs. 44