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ONELIFE #36 – US English

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Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond. This special issue of Onelife marks Land Rover’s 70th anniversary – a celebration of unparalleled achievement and pioneering innovation. We bring you the incredible story of how we reunited an original 1948 car with its former owners, as well as looking back at Land Rover vehicles’ most intrepid expeditions around the globe.


FUTURE MOBILITY B E T T E R , S M A R T E R , G R E E N E R We are on the brink of a technological revolution: during the next two decades, our cars will not only become increasingly electric powered, they will be able to drive themselves and carry out hundreds of daily tasks WORDS C H R I S S T O K E L - W A L K E R ILLUSTRATIONS 5 0 0 G L S 72