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ONELIFE #36 – US English

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Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond. This special issue of Onelife marks Land Rover’s 70th anniversary – a celebration of unparalleled achievement and pioneering innovation. We bring you the incredible story of how we reunited an original 1948 car with its former owners, as well as looking back at Land Rover vehicles’ most intrepid expeditions around the globe.


XXXXXXX AGE OF DISCOVERY LEFT ERA: DISCOVERY, DISCOVERY SPORT AND FREELANDER AGE OF DISCOVERY: ORIGINALLY DEVELOPED AS A VERSATILE SUV TO BRIDGE A GAP BETWEEN THE UTILITARIAN DEFENDER AND PREMIUM RANGE ROVER, THE DISCOVERY VEHICLE'S SUCCESS HAS SEEN IT EVOLVE INTO A FIFTH GENERATION AND EXPAND INTO ITS OWN FAMILY OF VEHICLES 50 01 A clay model dating from 1986 with design study options for ‘Project Jay’ that would go on to become the Discovery 02 Participation in the Camel Trophy from 1990 cemented the Discovery vehicle’s capability credentials 03 Discovery Series 2 advertising reflected the SUV’s serious capability in more familiar surroundings 04 Launched in 2014, the Discovery Sport offered a compact, aerodynamic silhouette and new cutting-edge controls 05 Now in its fifth generation, the Discovery vehicle’s evolution continues with the unveiling of the Discovery SVX Concept in 2017 the most extreme Land Rover yet, with go-anywhere capability including increased ground clearance, body and suspension lifts, more wheel articulation and large all-terrain tires

RIGHT XXXXXX 01 02 03 European models shown. 04 05 51