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ONELIFE #34 – American English

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Land Rover steht für höchste Allradkompetenz, umfassenden Komfort und anspruchsvolle Technik. Diesem Geländewagen ist kein Weg zu weit und keine Aufgabe zu schwer – getreu dem Slogan „Above and Beyond“. ONELIFE vermittelt Land Rover-Kunden genau dieses Gefühl von Abenteuer und Freiheit.


W I N D O W T O T H E W O R L D The outermost fringes of the planet inspire us to seek out the extraordinary things in life. For today’s architects, too, the edges of the world represent an opportunity to explore WORDS C H R I S S T O K E L - W A L K E R PHOTOGRAPHY: FERNANDO GUERRA 32

Studio MK27’s Jungle House was built to connect its visitors with the surrounding jungle as an organic extension of the wilderness. Still, there is nothing basic about the house, with its sleek design, wooden decking and even a luxurious rooftop pool “THE PIONEER SPIRIT BURNS BRIGHTLY IN ALL OF US” Constantly riding that fine line on the frontier of discovery isn’t just a Land Rover driver’s dream. Many people want to expand their horizons and push the boundaries of imagination, delving deeper into the underground to connect with nature and escape the everyday. The pioneer spirit burns brightly in all of us, whether we’re explorers, tourists looking for a temporary escape or simply individuals looking to immerse ourselves in luxury living while at the very ends of the inhabited Earth. Rows of uniform residential houses just aren’t enough for some people; the sense of adventure sits too strongly rooted in their souls to be happy with a standard home. So contemporary architects and interior designers have been put to work, commissioned to build stunning homes that combine supreme luxury with a sense of all-encompassing wanderlust, and connecting humans with nature just as we once lived, open to the elements and under the stars. Some of the most stunning and inspiring of these homes can be found on the ends of the Earth, providing a window between our lived world and the vast expanses of our planet that are still untouched and unspoiled by humankind. São Paulo-based Studio MK27’s Jungle House is one of these spaces that exist at the edge of the planet. Tucked under the awesome green canopies of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, it marks the frontier between man-made and nature, combining the two in harmony. Built by the architects Marcio Kogan and Samanta Cafardo, with interior design by Diana Radomysler, the sleek concrete building rests on a wooden decking that echoes the forest floor. Marcio describes the house as “an organic interaction between nature and architectural elements, designed to quite literally project itself out from the mountain.” 33