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Nicht jeder darf das Jaguar Land Rover Testgelände in Gaydon besuchen. Wir schon: Für den exklusiven Fotoshoot des Jaguar XE versammelte sich unser Produktions-Team auf der geheimen Rennstrecke. Steffen Jahn fotografierte das brandneue Jaguar Fahrzeug. Das Set-up war aufgrund des für England typischen Wetters in den Control Towers der ehemaligen Flugbahn untergebracht. Kurze Regenpausen wurden dazu genutzt, mit eigens angemieteten Drohnen zu fotografieren. Das Ergebnis ist eine ästhetisch hochwertig und stimmungsvolle Strecke in der Ausgabe 01-2015 des J-Magazines.

ALL in one “The XE is

ALL in one “The XE is the culmination of everything the company has learned over the years. We will deliver a vehicle THAT Dynamically outperforms our rivals” Mike Cross, chief engineer, vehicle integrity The car’s windscreen pillar has been nudged and raked back to position the cabin further to the rear of the car which makes the car look sportier. Meanwhile, the wheels have been pushed towards the edges of the car’s front and rear to give a more solid appearance on the road, while increasing access and space for passengers in-between. Inside the look, fit and finish is parallel with Jaguar’s bigger and more expensive XF and XJ models, with a new eight-inch colour centre screen powered by a brand new infotainment system which includes InControl Apps and connectivity for both Android and Apple smart phones. The power behind the new XE involves all-new engines from the Ingenium family made in a purpose-built plant in Wolverhampton, UK, (see our separate story Heart of the Machine in this issue). Offering ultra-efficient low 99g/km CO 2 ratings to a 155mph (249km/h) top speed for the toprated models, company car drivers and more performanceoriented owners the world over should be equally catered for. An F-TYPE-inspired front suspension system and segment-first Integral Link rear suspension promise a leap in how that power can be harnessed. And torque vectoring technology that provides controlled braking on the inside wheel will deliver sportscar agility and added driver confidence. As Mike Cross, chief engineer of vehicle integrity, boldly states: “The XE is the culmination of everything the company has learned over the years. The Integral Link rear suspension provides a combination of supple ride and crisp handling that is unmatched in this segment. We will deliver a vehicle that dynamically outperforms our rivals.” The XE also offers a special new feature for a rearwheel drive car called All Surface Progress Control. Developed through learning gained from the decades of off-road experience that sister brand Land Rover holds, the system delivers maximum traction in slippery conditions, by acting like a low-speed cruise control and is sure to be boon for drivers in poor weather conditions. Overall then, from its new lightweight aluminium chassis and engines to its stunning design and promise of awesome driving ability, the new XE really does offer a compellingly complete technical package set to shake up the hotly contested premium compact saloon segment. Put a reminder in your diary to test it for yourself come spring 2015. 22 j THE PERFORMANCE ISSUE