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Im Mittelpunkt der Jaguar Magazine Ausgabe 01-2016 steht DESIGN: Das Themenspektrum reicht von einem formvollendeten Jaguar über innovative Architektur bis hin zu kunstvollen Produkten, die von der Natur inspiriert wurden.

“If you look at the

“If you look at the F-PACE the wheels are thrown out toward the front, where most other more car-like SUVs are not. In simple terms they’ve got too much bonnet and too much overhang. It’s subtle, it might be 25 millimetres, but it makes a huge difference” IAN CALLUM, DIRECTOR OF DESIGN F-PACE

XJ “We started on the XJ by creating a very simple interior architecture so that left us wide open to embellish it in a more indulgent way. That’s the secret, keep the architecture, the basic sense of line and structure as simple as possible” IAN CALLUM, DIRECTOR OF DESIGN