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Jaguar Magazine 02/2017 – English

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Das neue Jaguar Magazin präsentiert den neuen Jaguar E-PACE, blickt hinter die Kulissen der spektakulären Formel E und spricht mit Uhrengenie Jean-Claude Biver darüber, wie es ihm gelingt immer am Puls der Zeit zu bleiben. Lesen Sie rein in die neue Ausgabe THE JAGUAR 02.


DESIGN AFTER EAMES THIS YEAR WOULD BE THE 110TH BIRTHDAY OF CHARLES EAMES, who with his wife Ray made up one of the most important designer duos of the 20th century. The pair, through an astonishing output of game-changing furniture, products, films, books and interiors, have come to epitomise the mid-century modern style that is still so enduringly stylish and sought after today. But what does the next generation of designers look like? Who will continue the tradition of radical and outspoken but tasteful design, true to Eames’ legacy in the years to come? We take a look at some of the most inspired creators currently storming the international stage in search of the talents who are poised to become the design world’s next-century modernists WORDS: Henrietta Thompson PHOTOGRAPHY: © PETR KREJČÍ 46 THE JAGUAR

STUDIO SWINE JAPAN/ENGLAND SWINE, in this case, stands for Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers, and that’s exactly what this design duo do. Co-founded by Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and English artist Alexander Groves, like the Eameses, this husband and wife team design like few others. Their purposeful new direction for design and creativity is not so much about making beautiful things (though they do that too), as it is about questioning how the world really functions, using innovative and highly resourceful processes and materials such as human hair, melted tin cans and sea-dredged plastic to create art works, films and luxury products with a thought-provoking twist. Pictured here and left are their celebrated Fordlandia chairs, made from materials like vulcanised Amazonian rubber, sulphur and linseed oil. THE JAGUAR 47