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Jaguar Magazine 02/2017 – English

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Das neue Jaguar Magazin präsentiert den neuen Jaguar E-PACE, blickt hinter die Kulissen der spektakulären Formel E und spricht mit Uhrengenie Jean-Claude Biver darüber, wie es ihm gelingt immer am Puls der Zeit zu bleiben. Lesen Sie rein in die neue Ausgabe THE JAGUAR 02.

The E-PACE had to have

The E-PACE had to have its THE DESIGN GURU own character - we want IAN CALLUM people to love it for its DESIGN DIRECTOR, JAGUAR own sake. It is still clearly a Jaguar, and we learned from the development of F-PACE how to apply distinctive Jaguar lines to a car that has different proportions to our sports cars and saloons. The E-PACE has to be sporty, because it’s a Jaguar. But it exudes that sportiness within a tight set of constraints. People expect a certain level of practicality from an SUV, and I think we’ve produced a great balance of all these elements. We’ve taken a similar approach for the interior. The cabin is very practical, yet it also has a very sporty character, and we’re not at all apologetic about having taken some of the details directly from our sports cars, such as the very distinctive grab handle and real driver focus. We’ve also worked very hard on the quality feel of the E-PACE, with the right materials, the right details, and the right craftsmanship throughout. Outside, my favourite feature is the crease that flows along the waistline, overlapping before disappearing round the rear. If you look below, there’s a very sharp fold, almost like a cut in the side of the body. This serves to break up that visual mass, delivering the characteristic elegance of a Jaguar. Our customers get this stuff. Aesthetically, they’re very astute. If you go over the top to get their attention, they won’t be fooled. So the E-PACE doesn’t scream at them. I think it speaks to them in a loud whisper. STRIKING ROAD PRESENCE • Sports car inspired design • Sleek LED headlights • Signature LED rear lights • Optional Matrix LED headlights • Optional 21” alloy wheels 28 THE JAGUAR

Official fuel consumption figures for the E-PACE in mpg (l/100km) Urban 50.4 (5.6) - 29.1 (9.7) Extra urban 67.3 (4.2) - 40.4 (7.0) Combined 60.1 (4.7) - 35.3 (8.0) CO 2 emissions g/km: 124 - 181 For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. PORTRAIT: CHARLIE GRAY “IT EXUDES SPORTINESS” Visit to learn more about the new E-PACE, and see it in action THE JAGUAR 29