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Jaguar Magazine 01/2018 – English

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The future of mobility! By launching the new I-PACE, Jaguar is starting an electric revolution and is creating the world´s most desirable electric vehicle. With its performance of a sports car, but the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-PACE demonstrates a manifestation of advances in innovation and design. A vehicle designed for the roads of the future – showing the joys of going electric along the scenic Algarve, exclusive insights from key players as well as interesting facts and figures on the revolutionary I-PACE and the growing electric vehicle sector are covered in this issue.


E-MOBILITY TAY 696NM OF INSTANT TORQUE The New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE has a 90kWh battery made of high energy density lithium-ion pouch cells with a thermal management system that supports longevity and periods of sustained maximum power. It also delivers 696Nm of instant torque, allowing the I-PACE to go from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds ONNECTED SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGY, ALLURING DESIGN AND BREATHTAKING PERFORMANCE: DISCOVER WHAT MAKES THE NEW ALL-ELECTRIC JAGUAR I-PACE SO SPECIAL AND FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE RAPIDLY GROWING ELECTRIC VEHICLE SECTOR READY TO ROLL An EV like the I-PACE can be charged using a regular domestic socket. This can deliver up to 7 miles of range per charging hour. If you charge eight hours overnight, you will therefore be able to add more than 50 miles of range more than enough to handle the average daily commute, which is 38 miles WORDS: Nathaniel Handy ILLUSTRATION: Harry Campbell WALLBOX CHARGING If you install a wallbox charger at home or have access to an industrial socket, charging times are shortened significantly. An approved Jaguar wallbox, for example, will deliver up to 22 miles of range per hour or about 80% of a full charge overnight. 80% is the recommended charge for optimal battery life and performance 24 THE JAGUAR

100,000 EV CHARGE POINTS Beijing was the first city in the world to boast more than 100,000 EV charge points helped by government subsidies aimed at preparing China for a fully electric future INFR ARED ABSORPTION The full-length panoramic roof of the I-PACE absorbs UV light, keeping the cabin cool without the need for blinds PUBLIC CHARGING Public charging infrastructure is in development all across the world. Planned around anything from hotels to shopping centres, these fast charge stations will typically offer 50kW of charging power, meaning that you would be able to add almost 200 miles of range in just an hour. Or, if you are in a hurry, around 65 miles of range in 20 minutes about the time it takes to order and drink a cup of coffee SMART CHARGING The I-PACE features Timed Charging that allows you to preset home charging times to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs THE JAGUAR 25