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Jaguar Magazine 01/2018 – American Englisch

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The future of mobility! By launching the new I-PACE, Jaguar is starting an electric revolution and is creating the world´s most desirable electric vehicle. With its performance of a sports car, but the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-PACE demonstrates a manifestation of advances in innovation and design. A vehicle designed for the roads of the future – showing the joys of going electric along the scenic Algarve, exclusive insights from key players as well as interesting facts and figures on the revolutionary I-PACE and the growing electric vehicle sector are covered in this issue.

T he Foreword JAGUAR

T he Foreword JAGUAR TECHNICAL DESIGN DIRECTOR DR. WOLFGANG ZIEBART ON SEIZING THE RIGHT MOMENT IN TIME AND BEING BOLD ENOUGH TO LEAD A REVOLUTION In my job, there are moments that feel truly pivotal: a technical leap forward, a sudden design breakthrough or an ingenious take on a problem that begs for a solution. The launch of the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE is certainly one of these. A groundbreaking shift, it has allowed us to introduce the world’s most desirable electric vehicle. The time to do this is just right. As you will see in our infographic on page 24, we stand on the brink of an electric revolution, with technology having reached a level of maturity that enables us to fulfil a wide range of mobility needs. Batteries like those in the I-PACE are now capable of delivering 240 miles* of zero tailpipe emissions driving on a single charge, and a growing network of rapid charging facilities means this can be achieved in about 45 minutes. There is no compromise in performance either. Electric motors can now deliver the same thrills as combustion engines with instant torque and even more responsive handling. What’s not to like? Vehicle design is also set to change significantly. Electric drivetrains require much less space than traditional ones, opening opportunities to create more efficient utilization of interior space and enhanced comfort. One quick glance at the I-PACE will reveal just how powerful these new tools can be. As a vehicle designed for the roads of the future, it is a manifestation of advances in innovation and design that, until recently, we didn’t think were possible. Turn to page 30 for an exclusive insight into some of the groundbreaking work we have done at Jaguar to make all of this possible. The I-PACE was built from the ground up to embrace new possibilities. It will change our perception of what mobility means; a significant milestone that I am proud to have been part of. In any industry, disruption is hard to achieve. But it will only come to those who are bold enough to lead the way and choose the right moment. I am happy to say that for our industry, this moment belongs to Jaguar. Dr Wolfgang Ziebart Jaguar Land Rover Technical Design Director *Figures shown are Manufacturer’s fuel economy and driving range estimates. Actual mileage may vary. EPA estimates not available at time of publication. See your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for updated EPA estimates. PHOTOGRAPHY: THOMAS DASHUBER / AGENT FOCUS 6 THE JAGUAR

JAGUAR GEAR - ACCESSORIES MAKE IT MORE YOU Enhance your New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE with Jaguar Gear our unique range of accessories engineered, tested and rigorously inspected by the same experts who designed the car itself. From useful features that support its SUV levels of practicality, to stylish extras for an exquisite, finishing touch, you can create an I-PACE that’s perfect for the way you live. Find out more at European model shown: 2019 Jaguar I-PACE with optional wheel mounted cycle carrier and roof cross bars.. Objects placed above the roof mounted satellite antenna may reduce the quality of the signal received by the vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on the navigation and satellite radio systems, if fitted. Consideration should always be given to vehicle’s maximum roof load capacity to ensure this is not exceeded.