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Jaguar Magazine 01/2018 – American Englisch

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The future of mobility! By launching the new I-PACE, Jaguar is starting an electric revolution and is creating the world´s most desirable electric vehicle. With its performance of a sports car, but the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-PACE demonstrates a manifestation of advances in innovation and design. A vehicle designed for the roads of the future – showing the joys of going electric along the scenic Algarve, exclusive insights from key players as well as interesting facts and figures on the revolutionary I-PACE and the growing electric vehicle sector are covered in this issue.

Tamara have made fine

Tamara have made fine progress in a short period of time. They’re driving confidently, unafraid to pick up speed and the smiles show they’re clearly having the time of their lives. VICTORY LAP: THE ICE PULL Having shown what they’re capable of behind the wheel, the two skaters are eager to get onto the lake one last time and take their experience to the next level. They ask if they can be towed behind the Jaguar vehicles, and after a bit of convincing and repeated reassurances, the instructors agree. With the sun setting, they stand poised in full race gear at the end of a specially prepared 300-meter stretch of polished ice. “I’ve always wanted to skate in such stunning natural surroundings,” Tamara says, before tearing off into the distance skates carving across the ice, arms and legs flowing in unison. After a few warm-up laps, the pair are ready. The F-TYPE sits waiting at the side of the ice, a long tow rope attached to the back. Mirko takes hold of the opposite end of the rope, crouches down and signals to Andre. As the car picks up speed, the Finn is pulled along behind. It’s like an icy version of wakeboarding. “That was 45 mph,” says Andre over the radio as they reach the end of the track. “OK, let’s do 50, then,” Tamara responds, her competitive instincts kicking in. And by the time she skates back, Mirko is already in position to go again he wants to try 60 mph. They both make it look easy, reluctantly conceding that the track is too short to go any faster. “Wait till the guys on tour hear about this!” Mirko says excitedly, adding: “If we come back next year, can you make the track longer?” Professional drivers and professional skaters on closed courses and specially prepared tracks. Do not attempt. JAGUAR LAND ROVER ICE ACADEMY Located at the edge of the Swedish Arctic Circle, the frozen lakes of Arjeplog provide the ideal location to sample the thrill of driving on snow and ice. Under the guidance of the Ice Academy’s expert instructors, visitors learn a variety of skills on different tracks from high-speed drifting to precision steering in testing conditions, behind the wheel of some of the world’s most capable vehicles. But it isn’t all about the driving: The area has some stunning natural scenery, including sweeping snow-covered vistas, enchanting woodlands and the spectacular phenomenon of the aurora borealis better known as the northern lights. Take a drive to the Arctic Circle, get off the beaten track on a snowmobile tour or experience the wonder of a husky sled tour through silent forests. Alternatively, learn more about the local Sami reindeer herders by visiting Arjeplog’s Silvermuseet museum or the Båtsuoj Sami center. All activities can be organized through the Jaguar Land Rover Experience Center. To find out more and book your experience, please search Jaguar Ice Academy 54 THE JAGUAR