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Jaguar Magazine 01/2018 – American Englisch

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The future of mobility! By launching the new I-PACE, Jaguar is starting an electric revolution and is creating the world´s most desirable electric vehicle. With its performance of a sports car, but the eco-friendliness of an electric vehicle, the Jaguar I-PACE demonstrates a manifestation of advances in innovation and design. A vehicle designed for the roads of the future – showing the joys of going electric along the scenic Algarve, exclusive insights from key players as well as interesting facts and figures on the revolutionary I-PACE and the growing electric vehicle sector are covered in this issue.



I-PACE FIRST DRIVE Whether navigating the narrow streets of Lagos (far left) or the open road (below), the I-PACE offers drivers a whole new driving experience: the performance and agility of a sports SUV, with a clean conscience range by recovering braking energy once you lift your foot off the accelerator. But it does so in a way which feels smooth. The level of regenerative braking can also be increased to ‘high’ via the touchscreen useful in stop-start traffic to the point where the car can be controlled almost entirely by the accelerator alone. Driving with just one pedal is surprisingly calming and something you could get used to very quickly. The Algarve’s characteristic hot, rocky landscape passes us by and the spring sky trails us through the Panoramic Roof as we take it all in. As far as driving roads go, this is about as beautiful as it gets. And as we become increasingly familiar with the I-PACE and its confident handling of the roads beneath us, it becomes clear that this car is built to bring driving experiences like these to life. Eventually, however, it’s time for us to leave the open roads, and we head to Lagos, the second stop on our trip. Negotiating the tight and cobbled streets of Lagos, the I-PACE is incredibly assured. We take the chance to explore the town and can’t help noticing the abundance of high quality modern street art adorning the traditional buildings. Considered an illegal activity in many places, the issue has been turned on its head in Portugal, which has focused on the talent and skill of local artists by allowing their creativity to set the agenda and quite literally brighten up city life. We take a moment to admire our travel companion, glowing red in the afternoon sun against the colorful city walls. With its smooth and uninterrupted surfaces, made possible by flush-to-the-body door handles that only present themselves when pressed, the I-PACE looks even more striking against the ruggedness of the cityscape. Opening the doors reveals an interior as modern as the powertrain. With no need for the engineers to find room to house a large combustion engine up front, the I-PACE wheelbase is longer and the windshield pushed forward to create its spacious cabin. The refined feel of the dashboard and door materials are smartly accentuated with touches of aluminum and special Gloss Charcoal Ash First Edition veneer. In the cabin’s center sits the high definition Touch Pro Duo 10” touchscreen, part of the Jaguar InControl® Technologies, integrated into the dashboard and the lower 5” touchscreen with multi-function dynamic dials, where information can be viewed on one screen while interacting with extra features on the other. 4 A 12.3” Interactive Driver Display replaces a conventional 4: Do not use Jaguar InControl® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. THE JAGUAR 21

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