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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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PRODUCT BORA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 BORA Professional 2.0 functional aesthetics, innovative effectiveness, extra-deep dimensions, best performance winner of the 2017 Red Dot Award. The new Professional 2.0 is an evolved version of the original BORA system. We retained all of the tried-and-tested elements such as the extra-deep cooktops, the knobs and the efficiency of the actual system and enhanced other aspects with a view to combining simplicity, functionality and optimum performance in a single, electrically controlled system. The panel of judges of the Red Dot Award chose BORA Professional 2.0 as the best of the best systems in 2017 before it was even launched on the market further proof of the innovative strength and engineering ingenuity of the new system. The pièce de résistance of Revolution 2.0 is its user interface; the cooktops and cooktop extractor now communicate with each other and the new extractor cover flap opens and closes automatically. This enables us to achieve optimum user friendliness and outstanding effectiveness. Everything is made possible by an intelligent control knob: from power control to the various function programmes to the temperature indicator in the knob itself. BORA Professional is a complete system. Cooktops, cooktop extractors, ducts, motors, filters and wall sleeves are combined in this electrically controlled system to create a complete functional solution. Right: BORA Professional 2.0 offers various composition options from surface induction to Tepan, gas and even a wok cooktop. Combine different cooktops or two of the same. 18 BORA MAGAZINE

With their oversized depth of 54 cm, the cooktops are among the deepest modular cooktops on the market, offering an extremely large cooking area. This means that two large frying pans can be easily placed one behind the other. Particularly large surface induction cooking zones enable you to consistently warm even very large pots or roasters through. The BORA Professional 2.0 system also offers huge versatility and various composition options from surface induction to Tepan and gas through to wok cooktops. It all boils down to how and with what you like to cook. The completely redesigned Tepan stainless steel grill offers top performance, two large grilling zones and unique, precise temperature controls. The required temperature can be set directly and is accurately displayed and maintained. Rapid heating to 250°C in under five minutes saves time and energy. Another newcomer to the range is the gas cooktop with sunken burners. Thanks to the special design, even when the cooktop extractor is working on full power, the flame is barely affected, guaranteeing greater efficiency and shorter cooking times. Left: Made of pure stainless steel, the BORA Tepan grill is big enough to fry eight steaks at the same time as well as being easy to use and clean. Right: Electrical domestic appliances can be conveniently connected thanks to optimally positioned sockets.