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BORA Magazine 02|2018 – English

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BORA Magazine is published in 12 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


EXPERIENCE INTERVIEW President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was particularly interesting. It’s not every day that you get the chance to look behind the culinary scenes of government officials. It was naturally also a great honour to conduct an interview with Queen Silvia of Sweden. I felt almost ennobled. Willi: Which you’re not though, Johann. You’re known for being down to earth which is something else we have in common. Perhaps it’s partly something to do with our origins? I grew up in the Bavarian town of Raubling, where BORA’s head office is located today. Back then, the region didn‘t have any Michelin-star chefs, just simple and tasty food shaped by the Alpine landscape around us. You come from Styria and have told me all about your mother’s cooking with a gleam in your eye on several occasions. Johann: That’s what initially ignited my passion. And cooking is something that will never go out of fashion. Being a chef is a future-proof career. But you have to acquire knowledge and learn to offer quality, over and over again. And this was sort of my vision with the Lafer Magazine: to take people with me into the culinary world, which I’m Johann Lafer and Willi Bruckbauer know and respect one another; they also agree on their recipe for success, i.e. pace, passion and a constant search for new avenues. 50 BORA MAGAZINE

so passionate about that I’m happy to share. I’d say that you’re extremely passionate about what you do too, Willi. Otherwise you’d struggle to cope with a daily routine like yours. Time management is an important factor here. Johann, you travel the world looking for the best meat in Uruguay and gaining inspiration for your dishes throughout Asia. You’re also on television. And Willi, exactly ten years on from when you first founded BORA, you’re now represented in 58 countries worldwide. How do you cope with your workload? How do you strike a work/life balance? Willi: I manage the fast pace through precisely that a fast pace! I’m not just a businessman, but also an avid road cyclist. I competed in many cycling championships during my younger days, and if I’d had what it took to be a great cyclist, I’d have become a professional. I wasn’t quite good enough, but at BORA we’ve been able to attract the reigning three-times World Champion Peter Sagan to our BORA hansgrohe team. And that’s quite an achievement too! But in all seriousness: I find the best way to switch off is to hop on my bike on a nice day and pedal off. Riding all out for hours in almost any weather. In a group or on my own. That is my world. Even the greatest stress rolls off my shoulders. Johann: It’s all about peace and quiet for me too. Heading up the Reiteralm in the Styrian village of Schladming on a clear winter’s day and gazing out at the snow-covered landscape from an altitude of 1,800 metres is great for clearing the head. You can suddenly see what really matters in life. What else is important for professional success? Willi: You have to listen, give things consideration and think ahead. When I talk to people, I always try to put myself in their shoes. For example, to try and understand what they want from a kitchen and how we can further optimise what we do. Simply put, I want to make life in the kitchen more enjoyable for people. The notion of sitting on my laurels is inconceivable for me. Johann: For me, it’s also extremely important to think about the chefs of the future. I’m actively committed to this. For example, with the Next Chef Award, where we want to find the next great chef. There are so many talented people out there! Even non-professionals are now cooking to an extremely high standard. The dishes that I’ve been presented by amateur chefs could often have been served in top restaurants. Willi: We hope that our various commitments will promote and positively influence the topic of food. After all, we have you as a culinary specialist. We’re the professionals when it comes to the best possible kitchen appliances. And we’ve made a very simple observation, including in private kitchens: anyone who has ever seen BORA in action says “I totally get it. It really works.” And these are the best moments of all for me when we win someone over with our developments, whether a professional or an amateur chef. Those are lucid words. Thanks very much for speaking to us. We hope you continue to find lots of energy for your new projects and look forward to hearing about them. BORA MAGAZINE 51