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BORA Magazine 02|2018 – English

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BORA Magazine is published in 12 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


CONTENTS 22 BORA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 14 Functional aesthetics, innovative effectiveness, extra-deep dimensions, best performance winner of the 2017 Red Dot Award. BORA CLASSIC 22 Touch controls and a design scaled down to the essentials. BORA Classic: versatile and efficient with maximum installation flexibility. BORA BASIC 30 The revolution: a cooktop and extractor rolled into one suitable for any kitchen. Now also available in the All Black edition. BORA ADVANTAGES 42 Based on innovative ideas, we provide effective, carefully thought-out solutions. BORA products 74 THE BORA PRINCIPLE 8 Innovation not imitation. We come up with innovative ideas that enrich and improve people’s everyday lives. BORA SYSTEM 10 Everything from a single source for more quality down to the finest details. BORA PRODUCT OVERVIEW & WARRANTY 12 Now with a free one-year extension on the warranty. 14 BORA experience INTERVIEW 46 BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer speaks to Michelin-star chef Johann Lafer about healthy eating and passion-fed motivation. HOME STORY 52 A quaint villa has been awoken from its long slumber: a visit to the lovely Lietke family in Berlin. CYCLING 60 An important cornerstone is laid in the 2018 cycling season for the BORA hansgrohe team. 4 BORA MAGAZINE

80 TREND REPORT 70 Kitchens and living rooms are increasingly blending into one giving rise to new requirements to be met by kitchen technology. ARCHITECTURE 74 With its spectacular new tasting room, the Hensel Winery in Bad Dürkheim is architecturally striking. GIANCARLO MORELLI RECIPES 80 In the cookbook series 10|10, the top chef presents healthy and creative dishes. YACHTS 86 Thanks to a partnership with the luxury yacht manufacturer Benetti, BORA systems are now also used on the high seas. JAKOB SINN 92 Revolverheld’s drummer speaks about his passion for cooking and his love of Asian cuisine. BORA REVOLUTION TOUR 94 The extraordinary marketing tool has become a model for success and is heading on a new international tour in 2018. 120 60 BORA technology 52 BORA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 108 BORA CLASSIC 116 BORA BASIC 120 BORA SYSTEM 124 Duct system & wall sleeves 125 Fans 126 Filters & silencers 127 Accessories 128 Exhaust air/recirculation 131 Installation 134 EDITORIAL 2 BORA AWARDS 104 LEGAL NOTICE 138 BORA MAGAZINE 5