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BORA Magazine 02|2018 – English

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BORA Magazine is published in 12 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


PRODUCTS BORA PROFESSIONAL 2.0 This is what it looks like to enjoy complete freedom when cooking with BORA: there is no extractor hood to interfere with the work area or the view. 18 BORA MAGAZINE

With their huge depth of 54 cm, the cooktops are the deepest modular cooktops on the market, offering an extremely large cooking area. As you can see on pages 14/15, the surface induction version with flexible cooking zones enables you to place up to three pans on a cooktop at once. The BORA Professional 2.0 system also offers huge versatility and various composition options from Tepan to wok cooktops. It all boils down to how and with what you prefer cooking. Thanks to our EC motors, BORA Professional 2.0 also cooks extremely quietly and efficiently. To fine-tune the system even further and offer a 100% functional guarantee, BORA has introduced its very own Ecotube duct system. Optimally coordinated products, right down to the BORA 3box wall sleeve, create an overall system that meets exacting requirements in terms of effectiveness, ease of installation and flexibility. What’s more, BORA Professional 2.0 is significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods. In fact, its noise level is even drowned out when frying a steak. The system also cuts an impressive figure in terms of energy efficiency, with an A++ rating. Customers can choose whether to install BORA Professional 2.0 as a recirculation or exhaust air system. The new Professional can essentially be installed as a ‘plug and play’ compact system with integrated fan and silencer. This opens up the previously unavailable opportunity to install a modular cooktop extractor system in floating worktops. A world first. A revolution. With an installation height of just 199 mm, the system is practically made for floating worktops. BORA MAGAZINE 19