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BORA Magazine 02|2018 – English

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BORA Magazine is published in 12 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


PRODUCTS OVERVIEW An overview of BORA products BORA’s powerful ventilation technology is characterised by outstanding quality and effective solutions BORA Professional 2.0 Functional aesthetics and optimum effectiveness The minimalist design and a broad range of modular cooktops enable optimum flexibility. The BORA Professional cooktops are the deepest modular cooktops on the market and offer enough space for two large pans. The intelligent control knob enables users to control the various functional programmes with just one hand. The cooktop and extractor intelligently communicate with each other. BORA Classic Touch controls and a design scaled down to the essentials A versatile and efficient system offering attractive design language and optimum flexibility. With their flush installation and minimalist aesthetics, the cooktops and extractor blend seamlessly into the overall kitchen design. The simple and intuitive touch-operated controls are precisely adjusted with a simple tap of a finger. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the BORA Classic is suitable for installation in almost any kitchen. BORA Basic Beautifully presented design and technology The perfect combination of a powerful cooktop and a highly effective cooktop extractor. Various sizes and functions offer the ideal solution for rooms of all dimensions. What makes this all-rounder extra special are its particularly large cooking zones. It goes without saying that two large pots or pans can fit on the surface induction cooktop, enabling professional standards in even smaller kitchens with BORA Basic. For technical information, turn to page 106 12 BORA MAGAZINE

2-year BORA warranty PLUS 1 free extra year Extend your warranty by an extra year simply and at no additional cost! A gift for our customers. Free warranty extension as a sign of confidence As proof of our confidence in our products, we have offered all customers an extended warranty since the end of 2016, regardless of which BORA cooktop extractor system they have chosen. To benefit, simply go to and enter the registration code from the sticker on the cooktop extractor. This will automatically extend the warranty by another year, free of charge. Where can I find the warranty sticker? On BORA Professional and BORA Classic products, the sticker is on the cooktop extractor. On BORA Basic products, it is on the cooktop. The registration code is also printed on the operating instructions label. You can find the registration code on the warranty sticker. Scan the QR code with a smartphone or simply photograph it with the camera (from Apple iOS11). Enter the registration code for the BORA device and the warranty will be automatically extended by a year. BORA MAGAZINE 13