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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

BORA Magazine is published in 13 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Lots of storage space The cooktop extractor provides room for kitchen utensils Thanks to the low appliance height of less than 200 mm and the integrated recirculation filter unit, maximum storage space is preserved in the cupboard below for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. There is no need to shorten drawers as is often the case or to forgo storage space because of duct systems in recirculation mode. Large cooking area: 4 24 Plenty of room for professional cooking Thanks to the space-saving controls and central position of the extractor, all BORA induction cooking zones always offer plenty of space for cooking. The particularly large surface induction cooking zones enable you to consistently warm through even very large pots and roasters. 10 BORA MAGAZINE

ADVANTAGES PRODUCT Best materials High functionality and long service life High-quality materials and excellent functionality join forces to create a premium system. We set stylish design standards by using pure stainless steel and heavy-metalfree glass ceramic. Clear view No annoying head-height extractor hoods BORA means freedom from the constraints of the extractor hood. No edges or corners at head height. No stooped stance. No limited field of vision. No steam to block your view or cloud up your glasses. Design freedom Setting the standard for modern kitchen design BORA opens up an impressive new range of kitchen design options: cooking by the window and under sloping ceilings, kitchen islands with no bothersome extractor hoods... BORA stands for modern kitchen design. BORA MAGAZINE 11