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BORA Magazine 01|2019 – English

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interest me. You can

interest me. You can shape your future, even if everyone says ‘That’ll never work’ when I’m convinced of something, I put all of my efforts into it and if I have to I go it alone. It’s the same for you too, Willi. Willi: Yes, we’re definitely very similar in that way. I also needed the will to go against the predictions of those around me and take a gamble which later paid off. When I developed the first BORA Professional, nobody believed in it. Not the banks, not the market, not the business world. I was practically forced to start up without the support of important contributors. An enormous risk. But today I see it as an incredible experience. If you’re really convinced about something and deeply believe in a goal, you can do it and with a bit of luck you can do it on your own. Willi, you’re often asked what actually links BORA and cycling. Willi: We’ve built BORA up as a strong brand in the kitchen market. And we’re also doing that with BORA hansgrohe in cycling. We don’t just define ourselves by our professional and sporting performance, but also by the way we deal with customers, staff and trading partners in the business. The same goes for the BORA hansgrohe team, its partners and fans in the world of cycling. In both cases I’m driven on by the satisfaction of top performance. What’s very important here is mindfulness. I’m not Above: The two sports enthusiasts are united by their love of high performance, among other things. 72 BORA MAGAZINE

INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE ‘My bottom line is quite simple: You have to enjoy what you do.’ PETER SAGAN particularly fond of the word, but you have to take a conscious approach to your own health, regeneration and relaxation as a counterpoint to effort. That’s what I also try to convey to my staff. Peter: Willi and I are on the same wavelength, have the same spirit. That’s conveyed to the whole team. Both the cycling team and the company. When we produced my 10|10 cookbook for BORA, for instance, that was great fun. I was allowed to do a lot of silly things in front of the camera during the photo shoot and at the same time play with the hip BORA extractors. Which, by the way, was pretty easy for me as an amateur chef. Plus of course the fact that the subject of ‘healthy eating’ means a lot to us all. That also links the two. Are you happy with the team’s sporting performance over the last season? Willi: Of course. Everything that we set ourselves as a goal, we were able to achieve in the end: Peter’s phenomenal win in the ParisRoubaix, the green jersey in the Tour de France, a yellow jersey. It’s all good! Peter: For me, the highlight was of course my result in the ParisRoubaix. To win such a prestigious race the most important one-day race in the world is also a milestone for the whole team. You’re both known as being extremely down-to-earth and grounded. Willi: I grew up in idyllic Alpine surroundings in Bavaria. That shapes you. You don’t take off when you live so close to nature. The mountains here instil a deep respect in you. And I’m responsible for my decisions too high-altitude flights aren’t my thing. They would considerably cloud my vision. Peter lives a similar life. That’s another reason why we’re glad to have the three times world champion in our team for another three years. Our collaboration is probably what you would call a perfect match. Peter, it’s said that you’re always up for a bit of fun and are a superstar without airs and graces. Peter: That’s not for me to judge. But it is true that respect, gratitude and politeness are important to me. Towards friends, fans and colleagues. These people share my passion, motivate me, they’re a bit like my fuelling station. I’m one of them in this cycling world. I love the thrill, but I need to have my fun too. If not, it’s a no-go. You have to love what you do! Willi, Peter: Thank you very much. We can’t wait to see what surprises the two of you come up with next. BORA MAGAZINE 73