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BORA Magazine 01|2019 – English

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BORA Magazine is published in 13 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.

As are the grease

As are the grease filtering level, capture rate or product resistance at different temperatures. So, as well as the airflow rate and air resistance test bench, there is a climate room and a test kitchen. In the basement there is also a ‘freefield room’ for measuring noise. A ceiling height of four metres is necessary in this soundproofed measuring room in order to be able to carry out technical tests. A wooden framework for installing the different BORA systems, microphones on their stands and a digital sound measuring device make up the equipment of this bunker-like set-up. In these surroundings with endless possibilities, the team is constantly working to develop innovative solutions based on customer feedback. With the help of these ongoing analyses and simulations, in recent months a new, second generation of premium extraction systems has come to life: BORA PURE. A compact device, which as usual meets all requirements in terms of design and aesthetics, but gains points for even greater convenience and optimised functionality. What is new here is the extremely easy access for changing filters Above: The technicians mainly use the prototype production room for metalwork. Complex parts are made with the CNC milling machine. 134 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA TEST BENCH EXPERIENCE and an intelligent user interface that only shows what needs to be operated at any given time. Thanks to this self-explanatory interface, cooking actually becomes an experience. The philosophy of questioning the usual perspectives considerably contributes to the company’s success. BORA is a pioneer in the area of extraction systems and has created a product that prioritises customer benefits, functionality and design. Device performance, intuitive handling and simple cleaning have given the brand a decisive edge over its competitors. Precisely because BORA is the leader in this area, the brand has developed its own test methods to be able to make comparisons. The developers never tire of constantly striving to improve their test methods and products. The company’s own test laboratory sets a trend and is a decisive step towards the future. Below: The ‘free-field room’ absorbs noises from outside as well as sound reflections and enables a volume measurement that conforms to standards. Above: With the help of the 3D printer the engineers create construction parts in order to test designs. BORA MAGAZINE 135