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Nach dem erfolgreichen Relaunch im Frühjahr 2017, erscheint die Herbst / Winter-Ausgabe des BORA Magazins nun sogar in insgesamt elf Sprachen. Ein Mix aus Produktinformationen und Geschichten hinter der Marke bietet dem Leser einen spannenden Einblick in die Welt von BORA.


PRODUCT BORA BASIC Customers with even less kitchen space can opt for the BORA Basic version measuring just 760 x 515 mm. The cooktop of this slightly smaller version still offers all the BORA advantages, i.e. it is efficient and quiet just like all of the other systems. Various cooktop options are available, from the induction and Hyper glass ceramic version to the energy-efficient surface induction glass ceramic cooktop. We have the right product for every customer, depending on their personal requirements and wishes. For example, customers get to choose between BORA Basic in a flush-mounted or surface-mounted version. The brushed stainless steel cooktop frame offers extra protection for surface-mounted cooktops, particularly in smaller kitchens where work space is restricted. Exhaust air or recirculation? Once again, the decision is yours. Storage space is often in great demand, especially in smaller kitchens, and can be further optimised by selecting a recirculation system. You don’t have to forgo any wall units because of an extractor hood, and BORA Basic hardly takes up any space in the floor unit. The air is filtered and cleaned by the activated charcoal filter, then returned to the room through an opening in the floor unit. imple and quiet. Flush installation, surface mounting or a classic stainless steel cooktop frame the choice is yours. 38 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA BASIC PRODUCT The multi-layered grease filter made of stainless steel wire mesh is hardwearing, ecient and dishwasher safe. BORA MAGAZINE 39